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September 30, 2009

The Enso Clock

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Enso Clock

Enso Clock

Meditation and yoga are forms of mental exercise practice to help one find inner peace and strength.  The whole idea is to free your mind of outside distractions while concentrating on deep breathing to help increase your feeling of peace and self awareness.  To effectively practice meditation you need to be able to drown out the outside sounds of family, television and whatever other noise is a part of your life.  Find a quiet place where you can be alone to sit quiet and practice your deep breathing.  Breathing in and out, taking and releasing deeper breaths with each breath.  One thing you will want to do before you begin your meditation or yoga session is to set a timer for the length of time you want your session to last.  There are many timers that are designed specifically to be used for meditation and yoga sessions.  They come with pleasant sounding alarms or even Tibetan gong sounds so you are not startled when it announces the end of your session.  One such timer is the Enso Clock.

The Japanese word Enso means “circle”, and it is a symbol found in calligraphy that means enlightenment, elegance, strength and the void.  The symbol for Enso is a single brushstroke that when written it is done in a clockwise motion from left to right.  Some artists close the circle while others leave it slightly open.  In Buddhist paintings the symbol of enso means the moment when the mind is free enough to create a feeling of peace in the moment.   When a person is attempting to reach their inner peace the last thing they want to do is to have to watch the clock while they are meditating or doing yoga.  The Enso clock will give you that freedom.  This simple timer is designed to countdown the time during yoga or meditation.  Preset the desired time on the clock and it will slowly paint the enso circle as time passes and will alert you with one of four selectable sounds when time is up.  The enso clock can also be used as an alarm clock to wake you in the morning.  It will wake you with chosen pleasant sounds instead of the loud annoying beep beep of regular alarm clocks.  This alarm can awaken even the deepest sleeper with its peaceful sounds.  The Enso clock is an indispensable tool for meditation and yoga practice.

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